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Smudge Set Kit, your “PROSPERITY & WEALTH” smudge is perfect for manifesting a positive outcome, establishing goals, attracting good luck and wealth into your life.  Release old patterns so opportunity comes your way. It’s presented in a beautiful drawstring pouch, available for you to take anywhere and use anytime. Love, light and healing!

The ancient practice of smudging clears and purifies your space from “low” vibrations and “stuck” energies and is the first step in many spiritual rituals.  Smudging is a practice used daily by many before any ritual or meditation to energetically cleanse and clear yourself, your area or your space.  By burning or spraying sage, cedar, frankincense, we create a sacred smoke (or aroma) that clears and raises spiritual vibrations.

The practice of smudging connects us to the 4 healing elements of the universe and works with the energies of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.  Smudging is a beautiful and effective way of removing negative influences and setting you, your surrounds and your “things” with positive intent.

Invite higher spiritual vibrations to surround you and feel the change!


Your beautiful “Prosperity & Wealth” Smudge Kit has everything you need to bring this sacred cleansing ritual into your life, any place, anytime or anywhere.

Your “Prosperity & Wealth” smudge comprises of 8 items packed in a beautiful bag (5.5” x 4.5”), ready to go where your go!

Smudge Kit Includes -

  • 1 x Mini Sage Stick – Approx 3.5-4” (area to burn is approx. 1.75 – 2 “)
  • 1 x Palo Santo Stick to cleanse and purify – Approx 3 – 4 “
  • 1 x Clear Quartz rough point – Approx 1" - 1.5"“in length
  • 1 x Amethyst rough chunk – Approx 1" – 1.5” in length
  • 1 x Green Aventurine stone – Approx 1” in length
  • 1 x Citrine stone – Approx 1” in length
  • 1 x Small feather – Approx 4” – 5”
  • 1 x Natural Patchouli Oil(mini)  – 2.2” Instructions inside the paper how to use!!


It includes –

Mini Smudge stick – Handmade from sage a sacred herb used to heal, bless and rid you or your space of any unwanted influences, while lifting the spiritual vibration to invite in love and blessings.  Sage is the perfect herb to smudge, cleanse, clear, heal and invite positivity into every aspect of your life.

Palo Santo – This beautifully aromatic wood is native to South America and can be used as an alternative to either sage, cedar or any other smudges.  The healing property of Palo Santo is particularly potent for clearing negative thoughts, or perhaps when you need to relieve stress and anxiety either from yourself or your life.  Feel the lift when smudging with Palo Santo as it enhances your clarity and concentration throughout the day.

Clear crystal quartz point - - A beautiful clear quartz crystal point has been included to purify bringing focus, positivity and healing into your smudging ritual.  Clear crystal quartz has the power to clear any negativity you may have stored, restoring trust by clarifying your thoughts and purpose, allowing the heart and mind to heal and to move forward.   You can begin by placing it on or around your body, or centrally in the space you are cleansing.  Clear crystal quartz has the power to hold and maintain intentions during and long after your smudging or cleanse. Remember to cleanse your crystal on a regular basis, to keep it fully charged and connected to you.

Amethyst – Your amethyst is one of the most powerful healing crystals as it connects deeply, healing both emotional and physical ailments.  Amethyst stimulates and connects the “Third Eye” chakra, which when balanced calms the mind and regulates the thought process enabling a healthy flow of energy through the body and mind.  Amethyst brings a clarity, peacefulness and calmness in times of crisis.  It also helps greatly with insomnia and any situation where the mind is overactive. 

Use your Amethyst to strengthen your mind and thoughts a you need it. Keep it with you, on you or lay it near you when sleeping to feel the full calming effects this powerful healer has within it.

Green Aventurine – One of the stones known to promote prosperity, opportunity and healing.  It works by clearing away negativity, luring good luck and opening you up to allow “the good” in.  Aventurine also enhances your decisiveness and leadership qualities, giving you the vitality to move forward with strength, clarity and positivity. Channel abundance into your life with this beautiful stone.

Citrine – This beautifully warm crystal is known for attracting prosperity, wealth and abundance in your life.  It connects with your root, sacral and solar plexus chakras, stimulating your intellect, enhancing clarity and releasing any fears and negativity that may be holding you and your flow back.  If you are wanting to bring more money and wealth into your life, use citrine in your healing smudge or carrying it on you will help align you with all that you wish to manifest financially in your life.

Small Feather – we have included a natural feather in your kit as feathers bring blessings from a higher realm.  Use yours to spread the smoke when smudging with either herbs or Palo Santo to further enhance and energetically cleanse your space and aura.

Mini Natural Patchouli oil  is unique recipe of essential oils, to be used as a convenient alternative to burning smudges or to anchor and seal the positive intentions after clearing.  

I have also infused your Healing stones with Reiki energy, which is also a powerful modality in its own right to help align the chakra system.  Feel into the vibration of your infused stones and allow them to gently work for you.


Disclaimer:  Using this kit should never replace medical advice or traditional treatments. We do not claim to be medical professionals and advise that appropriate medical advice be sought for serious conditions or any health issues.

Please keep in mind that there will be slight color, shape and size variations as they are all-natural products and not one is the same. It’s all part of their uniqueness.  Enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed working with them!