Our Vision

Tribal Decor Artisanal

Tribal Decor Artisanal offers Hand made, Organic and Fair Trade products to your doorstep which are authentic, low cost and have an assured quality standard.

These products are hand picked and created by the most skilled artisans from India, Nepal, Bali, Peru and Thailand, bringing you closer to the true culture of the Lands of Traditions. All exceptional products are hip, trendy and keep up with current times while embodying true traditions from across the miles. 

Our product collection is a perfect glimpse into what Tribal Decor Artisanal's vision is all about. Beautiful. Traditional. Sustainable. 

clothing and accessories

Our Clothing and Accessories 

Centuries of traditions are brought to life by the very premium organic materials that is produced and placed in front of you. 

We provide comfortable and quality clothing inspired by Nature itself using environmentally responsible materials. 

Our Meditation and Yoga Accessories

We specialize in unique Meditation and Yoga Accessories with detailed and classical style. From Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing bowls to natural fragrant incenses, all our yoga and meditation products offer deep relaxation, holistic healing and peace of mind. 

Products we carry:

Tibetan Singing bowls

- Best quality Incense

- Yoga Mat Bags

- Mala Jewelry

and many more! 

Our Furniture and Decor (Only available in store for now!)

Conceived with a unique sense of design, every one of our pieces reflects a traditional Maharaja style look. The techniques used to craft our sustainable furniture, are centuries old and lead to the creation of truly unique decoration and furniture pieces.

For decorating your Home, you can select from variety of elegantly crafted wooden almirahs, mirrors, bookshelves, chests, consoles, center tables, dining tables, interior and exterior decorations.


No forced labor. No child labor. No harassment. No abuse. No discrimination. No unsafe conditions. No eco-hazards.

Buying Organic and Eco-friendly products is an important part of sustainable living and is a very rewarding purchase.